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How Much Meat SA Eats Compared To Other Countries

How Much Meat SA Eats Compared To Other Countries

How Much Meat SA Eats Compared To Other Countries

Live in South Africa long enough, and there’s a 100% chance you’re going to hear somebody say nou gaan ons braai.

Either that, or you’re going to see it on a t-shirt, most likely worn by a man who looks like he’s put away a fair amount of boerewors during his time on this earth.

You can bet he’s well-stocked up on biltong at home, too.

In short, South Africans love meat, and we’re not afraid to show it, but how do we stack up against the rest of the world?

Below from TimesLIVE:

Latest data from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) reveals the consumption of beef, veal, pork, poultry, mutton and lamb.

According to the data, SA had the eighth-highest consumption of poultry, with 38.7kg per capita. Israel had the highest per capita consumption, at 58.2kg.

SA had the 16th highest per capita consumption of beef and veal (11.9kg). Argentina had the highest per capita consumption (40.1kg), with Paraguay having the second highest  (33.6kg) and the US the third-highest consumption (26.9kg).

South Africans also consumed 4.1kg of pork per capita, and 3.6kg of “sheep meat” per capita.

The data was for 2017, or according to the most recent available data per country.

This graph puts things into perspective:

If you’re wondering where our ‘sheep meat’ box is, it’s directly underneath the ‘pork meat’ icon.

I’ll probably eat most of the average national intake in the next six weeks or so, because once the holidays kick in, snacks like biltong are going to reign supreme.

The wiser amongst us will start stockpiling now, and I’d recommend you start with Shirwood Biltong’s superb droewors special.

You’ ll have to wait until Wednesday morning to buy it, when the link goes live, but here’s the drill:

That’s two kilograms of droewors for R250 people.

Be warned – if you leave this lying around the office, your co-workers will descend like a pack of hyenas, so you might want to have it delivered to your home.

You could also go one better and snap up a Shirwood Biltong Gift Card.

Goodbye having to worry about what to buy your father-in-law this Christmas. Order yours and have it delivered for free, pop it in an envelope or stocking, and you’re no longer the black sheep of the family.

Shirwood will even chuck in an extra R50 worth of biltong, because they’re feeling festive.


You’re also getting the best in the business, because their tasty range, made using energy produced from solar power, uses only topside cuts, which ensures texture and brittleness in the bite.

Their online store offers a full range of biltong, droewors and Snapstix options, and there’s a delivery option, too.

In Cape Town, Shirwood will deliver all orders of R250 or more FOR FREE, with orders under R250 paying a R40 delivery fee.

In Gauteng and KZN, there is free delivery on all orders of R500 or more, with orders under that incurring a R55 delivery fee.

Deliveries usually take between one and two days, and as an added bonus, you can actually track your delivery online. Shirwood will send a label number via email or SMS once the order is on its way, and you then enter that label number here to stay clued up.

You’re telling me I don’t have to brave the malls and shops at this time of the year? Sign me up.

Eat, drink and be merry, wonderful people.


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