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Only In South Africa: Thieves Prefers Biltong Instead Of Cash [Video]

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You ought to remember the time when you took a handful of cookies from your grandma's cookie jar - when she repeatedly told you it's for the church choir practice on Sundays or the time when you took a lick of your friend's ice cream when you told them to look the other way- chances are, you might have found yourself in a similar situation.

Without a doubt, South Africans love their snacks - especially when it comes to Biltong. Funny enough, a group of robbers who raided a store in Pretoria took it to a whole other level. Instead of taking the cash and running, they only stole the biltong and peanuts supply on the shelf.

Baffled store owner Ricus Oosthuizen, said four to five men broke into his business around 05:30. 

He said the real headscratcher was that the thieves didn’t seem to be interested in cash kept in the store. 

However, they stole a considerable amount of biltong, which is worth thousands. 

Did they sell the biltong or was it devoured instantly like you and love to do? We'll never know, but knowing it was South Africans I would believe the latter is the most appropriate choice... Talk about putting your money where your mouth is.

On a more serious note though, Oosthuizen said the thieves were caught on the store’s security camera.


The cameras outside his store captured the men fleeing in an Isuzu bakkie.

The theft was reported at Sinoville police station.

Police spokesperson Warrant Officer Johan van Dyk could not immediately comment on the matter but urged people to be watchful during the festive season as crimes like burglaries were expected to increase.

It seems that in South Africa biltong is far more precious than cash - and for obvious reasons. So the next time you buy your biltong - try to keep your biltong in a safe place people. I'm not taking any chances. I'll rather buy my biltong online and have it delivered straight to my doorstep making use of Shirwood Biltong. Their service is impeccable and buying something on the online store is seamless. Only a few clicks, then you sit back and relax while your order is speedily on its way!

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